Get the fastest and deepest cleaning.

Sticky Clean Rollers® includes rubber teeth to get deep into carpets, upholstery and rough surfaces. After that, the sticky surface immediately catches the filth. Ideal for hair, crumbs, etc.

When you are done with the cleaning, you will just need to put your Sticky Clean Rollers® under the tap and rinse its sticky surface with water. Then leave it to dry and your Sticky Clean Rollers® will be ready to be used again.

Sticky Clean Rollers® is sold in two packs. The first one includes the two small rollers, ideal for clothes, pets or even small carpets. The second one includes the complete kit of three rollers. The big one is ideal for large carpets thanks to its telescopic stick. In order to make sure their surface is always sticky, all Sticky Clean Rollers® rollers include a protective cap.

You will find Sticky Clean Rollers® on sale in the best shops from just €24.90 (small pack) and 49.90€ (large pack).

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